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Reply PAUL
1:11 PM on August 17, 2015 
Reply Lynne
3:00 PM on March 2, 2011 
Hi sandra, Hope you are all well just a quick update for you well Chui, Kaison and Chita are 2 years old now and fully grown and doing fantastic we love every day with them and omg Kaison is the spit of his littermate Roddy you should see him there are lots of pics of them on both mine and Nicki's facebook which you could see because we are both friends with Rachel and Rebecca and recently we've put videos up on you tube of them too if you seach for toumei 99 on there you can see , so thanks again for three beautiful cats we love them so much.
Lynne & Nicki.xx
Reply Gemma
5:22 AM on November 3, 2009 
Hi to all of you !
I purchased a kitten in July from you , you called him Arti, we have called him Jasper. Just to let you know he is doing well, and very much loved. He is full of energy, a bit of a nutter to be honest, always up to no good, and he is very nosy ! We love him to bits he has a great character, and were very glad we had him. He sleeps on our pillow every night, and wakes us at 6am every morning to be fed, he is also very vocal and constantly talking to us. Hope you all well

Gemma x
Reply Lynne & Nicki
2:24 PM on August 17, 2009 
Hi Sandra,
Just thought we'd send you a quick update on how our three musketeers are getting on - Chui (Tilly Vanilli), Kaison (Ratchet), and Chita (Ellie May). They are growing into gorgeous lil cats and each has their own personality. Chui is still a con artist, Kaison is a little baby and loved by the girls and the dogs (he gets away with murder), Chita is the mischevious one who looks so sweet and innocent but is a bugger (but we love her!).
All their coats are glittering now and they are spoilt rotten. We are just about to send you some recent pictures to see how big they are getting and how cute they look :-)
Really good to see you at the cat show, will hopefully catch up with you again when you're next in area.
Thanks again for 3 gorgeous lil kittens x
Reply kelly burrows
10:27 AM on August 16, 2009 
Hi Sandra.
It was lovely to meet you and Rebecca today in Bracknell, and really wanted to compliment you on your fantastic boys Roddy and Teddy. They are both very beautiful and friendly. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions about living with Bengals, it's always good to hear first hand from someone who spends so much time with them.
I've had a good look through your site and enjoyed all of your other pictures, but must admit to having a favourite in Teddy, (possibly because he was chatting to me earlier whilst relaxing on his Mum's lap)! Just out of interest, who are his parents? I did have a look but may have missed them.
Anyway, thanks again for your time today.
Kind regards,
Reply Jodie and Michael
11:08 AM on May 23, 2009 
Hello SANDA,

A quick update on Guido, he is sooo big now, he had the op the other day and is recoved fine! He trashed the kennel and has a great blast! We was wondering what do we need to send you out of the documents we have? If you could email us back and let us know that would be fab. Thanks again :-)

Jodie and Michael, Crawley- Gatwick
Reply Jodie and Michael
6:12 AM on March 31, 2009 
Hi, thanks for such a gorgeous little kitten. Guido is all settled in now, and is well loved and spoilt rotten for toys. He seems too love climbing up any thing and everything, from us to the net curtains! We are soooo pleased. Thank you so much (we have sent pics across and will send more soon) Jodie and Michael -Crawley Gatwick
Reply Elaine McKnight
7:18 AM on October 27, 2008 
Hi Sandra, just a quick update on Jimmy - he's ruling the local neighbourhood and has already visited through someone else's catflap! Although he goes out exploring, he always comes running back when he's called, and even joins the dogs in chasing balls in the garden. So far Jimmy has only brought back a collared dove and a rat... he is adorable, and has a very loud voice! Thanks again. will send you some up to date photos as soon as we can.
ps: Cannot wait for Christmas, I'll have to tie the tree up!
Reply rebecca cooper
6:27 AM on October 11, 2008 
hi, sandra and rachel thanks very much for my baby diesel,:) he is right little monkey ,much loved by the whole family xxx