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My name is Sandra Wagstaff. I am a small family bengal breeder based in Telford in Shropshire located in the UK. All of our Bengal kittens are raised underfoot amongst the rest of the household and quickly become intergrated into family life. I live with my husband David and cats. I have 2 grown up daughters, one of whom lives in Southend but visits regusrly with her boys.

I got my first Bengal in 2001. He was a beautiful marble bengal called Kublai. We got Kublai when my husband saw an advertisement in a local paper for BENGALS. Not knowing what bengals were, we went to investigate (ok we did have a cat carrier in the boot of the car just in case). So we ended up bringing little Kublai home. Little did we know that our lives would change for ever. Unfortunately Kublai went missing in 2002 when my daughter went off to University. As we were due to move we didn't get another cat straight away as we already had our 2 moggies.

As a surprise for my 40th birthday David brought me a new bengal. His name is Chester who you can view on Our Family page. Chester's breeder told us about showing Chester. As we'd never heard of cat showing we decided to give it a go. Well Chester and I really enjoyed it and started going to more cat shows. It was at a cat show that I first met Christine Edwards of Bramblewood and Lynne Hedlund of Springmeadow (breeders of 2 of my foundation cats). We quickly became firm friends and it became apparent that Christine lived just down the road from us.

I quickly fell in love with the new silver bengals which Christine and her husband Peter had just brought into the country. As you can guess I was allowed my first Silver boy, Bodo. As we couldn't show silvers at the time he became a much loved family pet and would be on exhibition only at the shows.

I did however want another marble like my beautiful Kublai who we sadly missed. My husband came up with the idea that maybe we should get a female and try and breed ourselves a marble and have lots of fun along the way. As we were now very good friends with Peter and Christine we got our foundation queen from them. So Bramblewood Anastasia aka Annie joined our family in 2004.

Annie has had 9 litters of kittens for us to date and is a wonderful mother. She is now neutered and enjoying her retirement to the full with us here at Seregon Bengals. Her first kitten of her first litter was something special as soon as he was born, and we decided to keep him as our first stud boy Seregon Rokari Khan aka Rocky. We have also subsequently kept 2 girls from  her second litter to breed from Seregon Molly Malone and Seregon Nut Megan. We then aquired Fizz who is a silver bengal from Celia Robinson. She is Rocky's live in girlfriend. She did have a litter with Rocky of just one kitten.

However between Annie and Fizz there was still no marble to be seen. I had always loved Lynne Hedlund's marble boy Adtresh Golden Dreamer aka Sisco to his friends. Sisco by this time was a grandad to a gorgeous marble boy called Rebel who as you can guess, has since joined our family as my second stud cat.  We have now bred a fantastic marble boy who Rebel is the father of, called Roddy. He is a fantastic example of the bengal breed and at his first adult TICA show gained his Champion title. We look forward to seeing what baies he produces in the future.

Both David and I are committe members of the Bengal Cat Club of Great Britain who host a 2 day TICA run cat show.

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