Seregon Bengals



Silversafari Chinggis Khan: aka Bodo

(Brockenmoor Harrie Potta x Silvergene Angel of Silversafari)

Bodo is my silver bengal. I first fell in love with the silver bengals when I saw Bodo's mum on exhibition at a cat show. It was then I knew I wanted one. Bodo is from one of the first silver bengal's in the UK. He is a huge cat but very soppy. Bodo doesn't always get on with some of the others and likes to keep himself to himself at times. Maddi despite being a third of Bodo's size thinks she can take him on and reguarly tries to.

Bodo has done well with TICA and is a Grand Champion. He hasn't been shown for a long time as he gets picked up about his size. Bodo is a lovely colour silver with very dark rosettes all over him. He doesn't have much tarnishing on him despite his daddy being a brown spot.


Bodo has unfortunately had to be rehomed as all the girls in the house kept bullying him. He has found a lovely home with an animal mad family not far from us so we are still able to visit. He has settled into his new home so quickly. Thank you to Rosie and her family for giving Bodo the home he deserves. He is now a very much loved family pets with lots to do in the country, we just hope he doesn't decrease the local vole population too much... He's even began to get his figure back with all the exercise round his new garden.

 Here are some pictures of Bodo in his new home.



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