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Past Litters

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Seregon King Leonidas & Seregon Draco Nebula

Leo & Draco now live with their new mummy and daddy in sunny Bournemouth and is a much loved family pet.  A beautiful example of the bengal breed. Thank you Rachel for giving them a fantastic home.


Seregon Princess Arabella & Seregon Lady Amelia 

Amelia & Arabella now called Tika and Masala now live with their new family in Telford and are very settled and extremely loved. They have just become mummy's for themselves. 



 Seregon James Dean & Seregon Kublai Khan

 Now called Ben & Jerry the two boys are very happy in their new home together. they have a loving new family who love them to bits.  

Seregon Mia Thai

Now called Nala and living in Nottingham with her new mummy Katy. Nala is very much a lap baby.



Seregon Life o Riley

Riley is now living the life of Riley with Nick in Wellington Shropshire, we're so pleased that he's settled in so well to his new home. He is a much loved family pet.

Seregon Fernando Jimmy Mac

Jimmy as you can see has settled in really quickly to his new home with his 2 new best friends. Jimmy loves to be chased around then hides and gets licked to death by his doggy friends. Jimmy is a beautiful example of the bengal breed who we're sure will grow up to be a handsome young cat.


Ruby & Cash

Ruby and Cash were half litter mates and now live a very spoiled life with their new mummy & daddy, Tristan & Sam.

Seregon Guido Fawkes 

Guido (named because he was born on Guy Fawkes night) now lives with his new mummy and daddy near Gatwick. Although the smallest in the litter he has grown into a really handsome boy who keeps them on their toes.




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