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Springmeadow RebelRebel: aka Rebel

(Junglefire Ziggy Stardust x Springmeadow NationalGem) 

I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Lynne Hedlund of Springmeadow Bengals for my gorgeous marble boy. As you can see Rebel is a fantastic example of a Brown Marble Bengal. He gets his fantastic colour and contrast from his grandfather Adtresh Golden Dreamer and his mum Springmeadow NationalGem. He has more than three colours in his marble pattern and has the most fantastic coat to touch.

He is our second stud boy and despite having just become a daddy is still living in the house as he has yet to spray. He is most deffiantely a lap cat and loves a cuddle in the evening. He too is doing fantastically well on the show bench with TICA. He won lots of points and finals as a kitten and since becoming an adult has gained the title Quadruple Grand Champion. Rebel can be seen reguarly at TICA shows.

Rebel is proving to be a fantastic stud cat, he seems to always have be on the hunt for his ladies.  He's also a great dad. He can reguarly be found playing with his babies and always pops in to give them a kiss evry day.

Rebel has just gained his SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION title at the Bengal Cat Club of Great Britain show on the 5th of October 2008. We are so pleased he has finally gained this prestigious award as he is a fantastic example of the breed and is an amazing marble. Rebel has also recently gained his Champion title with the GCCF and is now in competition for his Grand Champion title.


 Seregon bengals are proud to announce their new stud boy


Seregon Severiano Sandiargo: aka Sevvy (Steve)

(Seregon Rodriguez Sandiargo x Bengalcharm Miami of Seregon)

Severiano is a new boy we are keeping for now to run on and see how he does on the show bench. He is from one of our new girls Miami who joined us from Bengalcharm Bengals. He is a fantastic example of the Marble Bengal. He looks very simialr to his daddy at the same age and seems to be following in his Daddy's pawprints and doing very well at the shows. He is a large boy for his age. He has a lovely white chin and a fantastic contrast of colours in his marble pattern. We look forward to seeing how he does in the future on the show bench. He may be available to stud to the right girls.



Seregon Rodriguez Sandiargo: aka Roddy

(Springmeadow RebelRebel x Seregon Nut Megan)

photo courtesy of Barry Newcombe 

Roddy is our first home bred boy that we have kept here at Seregon-Bengals. He is a fantastic example of the bengal breed. He has got a gorgeous marble pattern with about 4 different colours in his coat. He has got small ears and a great head type. He is a real softy for a boy and still seeks comfort from me and he loves it when his half brother Teddy comes home to visit as he only has eyes for him when he is here. 

Roddy is doing so well on the show bench both with TICA and GCCF. With the GCCF he has gained the title of Grand Champion so will now be competing for his Imperial Awards if which he needs 5. Also at the Wyvern Cat Show Roddy got Best Foreign exhibit and was up for Best in Show. With TICA he has gained the title Quadruple Grand Chpion and we hope he will gain his Supreme title very soon. This year he gained 3rd Best Brown Marble Bengal Adult in the World and 2nd in the EW Region. So overall we are very pleased with how he is doing. We hope that his son Severiano goes onto do as well if not better than his daddy.  

 Roddy produces some fantastic looking kittens. He passes on his fantastic colour and temprement to all his babies and we are looking forward to seeing what he will prduce with our new girls.

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