Seregon Bengals



Seregon Nut Megan: aka Megan

(Springmeadow NationalGold x Bramblewood Anastasia)


 Megan is from Annie's second litter. Megan has a fantastic head and coat colour which have been passed down from her dad and grandad (Sisco). She has a beautiful rufus colouring with fantastic contrast markings all over her body. She has very small ears and a large body for a female. She has a very light chin and tummy which are desired traits in the bengal.

Megan is a very sweet cat with lots of love to give to the right people. Megan has proved to be a great mum to her kittens. She even used to help her mummy Annie out with her kittens. They have both been pregnant at the same time and tended to end up feeding each others kittens and bringing them up as one big litter between them as you can see below. Megan is mum to our award winning stud boy Roddy and Basil who has gone to live with Connie Henderson at Zawadi Bengals.



Seregon Bengals are proud to announce the arrival of their new breeding girls.


Solargem Kylie of Seregon. aka Kylie


We give thanks to Francis and Paul Wilson of Solargem Bengals for this gorgeous girl who we are really looking forward to using in our breeding programme. She is planned to be one of Roddy's Girlfriends and it will be  really interesting to see their kittens. With the combination of their colours, pattern and fantastc bengal type it will hopefully produce some really gorgeous kittens, and with Kylie possibly carrying snow we may have our first Seregon Snow baby on the way soon.




Bengalcharm Miami of Seregon: aka Miami


We would like to Thank Theresa & Paul Benson of Bengalcharm Bengals for letting Miami come and live with us here at Seregon Bengals. She is mum to one of our new boys Severiano who has already done so well on the show bench as a kitten. She has had her litters with Roddy and they seem to be a really good match. Roddy and Miami produce absolutely gorgeous kittens with great contrast of colours in their coats. We look forward to seeing what they produce in the future.


Poshpaws Saffy of Seregon. aka Saffy


 We would like to thank Chris & Wendy Williams of Poshpaws Bengals for letting Saffy come and live with us here at Seregon-Bengals. Roddy and Saffy have had a few litters and have had such gorgeous kittens. Due to her gorgeous pattern on her coat she passes this onto her spot kittens who so far have had no rib bars. they have even had some beautiful rossettes in their coat patterns. We look forward to seeing future litters from Saffy.



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